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MTD Agent Client Authorisation

If you’re an agent signing up a client you can use this functionality to request authorisation to act on a client's behalf for a specific Making Tax Digital (MTD) tax service. It allows the agent to check the status of authorisations already requested and query active or inactive relationships.

This process involves the agent providing their own personal identifier and some information about the client that they wish to act on behalf of. This generates an Email with a link that the agent can send to their client. The client can then follow this link to authorise the agent for a service with HMRC.

To use this functionality the agent should be:

  1. Registered with HMRC as an agent services account. (this is different from your HMRC online services for agents account)
    Visit this link below for more info on how to create an agent services account

  2. Sign up/in to our account to add MTD Client and send Client Invitation for their Authoristaion

  3. Check your Client's Authoristaion Status