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Around twelve years experience focusing on eData interchange software development and support, based on open standard and platform independent technology, eFileReady.com has fast become a specialist eReturn system for HMRC & Companies House (CH). The skills and commitment we have gained have helped all our clients to achieve a 99.99% success rate in whatever eReturns they have made to HMRC and CH. Our truly open standard and open platform system has seamlessly integrated with many of our clients systems, including Payroll, Accounting, Pension and CIS systems. Without doubt your system will work with our system regardless of the version and the platform you use.

We are proud of what we have achieved in creating a user friendly and cost effective system which saves many software vendors and end user corporates from complicated XML and IXBRL development work and expensive upgrades. We are continuing to enhance and expand the range of services we offer.

Our clients: Our clients include many household names, such as BT, Network Rail, Michelin Tyre PLC, Wates Group, Tesco, Land Securities, Canary Wharf Group and leading accounting/consulting firms.

Security: We are ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited. We treat our clients' data with the utmost of care and take security issues seriously. All our products are tested and recognised by HMRC.

The company is led by our chairman Mr John Knight, a Chartered Accountant, who has many years of industrial, practical accountancy and business experience in various fields. Achieving the best in terms of quality, accuracy, user friendliness, security and cost effectiveness are our top priorities.


Certificate Number: 10269
ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001

E-Filing to HMRC

1. MTD VAT e-Filing

2. RTI (Real Time Information) e-Filing

We support the full range of RTI  Data eReturns and eReceipts, plus other additional services.

Complete range of RTI eReturns included are

  • FPS, Full Payment Submission
  • EPS, Employer Payment Summary
  • NVR, NINo Verification Return
  • EYU, Earlier Year Update
  • BACS file embedded with a 4 Character String which will work with your BACS system
  • The FPS file will be embedded with a Hash Code in conjunction with HMRC's algorithm
  • P11D 
  • P46 Car

Complete range of RTI Data eReceipts (DPS) included are

  • P6, P9,  SL1, SL2, PGL1, PGL2, NINO Notices and Generic Notifications
  • EDI and XML channels are supported.

RTI  Additional  Services

  • Produce Leaver P45  Data / PDF for print outs
  • Produce Year End P60 Data / PDF on Completion of Final FPS
  • e-Payslips.


  • Supports daily, weekly, monthly, annual and anytime etc, pay run data
  • Compatibility with your system is assured as it is 100% browser-based
  • RTI Pilot members have test used the system successfully. It is very stable and reliable.

3. CT and iXBRL Accounts e-Filing

4. CIS e-Filing

5. Pension Scheme e-Filing

6. iXBRL A/C Test In Live (TIL)

7. ePayslips


1. iXBRL Accounts e-Filing to Companies House

2. Company Secretarial Services

3. Company Incorporation

Technology used: We support XML, iXBRL and CSV formats and we are platform independent based on open standards. We have never had any technical compatibility problems with any client or BACs system and we are sure our system will work with yours. All our applications are programmed in Java, and being browser based means the system is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Unix/Linux and Apple.

All major databases: ORACLE, IBM DB2, and Postgres Databases have been tested to work well with the system. These state of the art databases support any quantity of records you wish to have and can easily generate various reports.

Best Quality Practice: We believe in providing a quality service and looking after our clients well with highly competitive pricing. The solution we provide has been put through different accuracy and e-Filing tests set by the HMRC. It passed them all without fail. The package is rock solid and reliable. We have never had any client's data fail in e-Filing. We can guarantee you will experience successful e-Filing of your returns to HMRC or Companies House.