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Free Mobile CIS eStatements are now available

Good news, your sub-contractors can now view and print their CIS eStatements from a mobile device without additional cost.

You can easily and effortlessly generate and issue Mobile CIS eStatements to all your sub-contractors through our secure cloud based Mobile App. Once you activate the account you will be able to further use the system to communicate with your sub-contractors and vice versa.

1. The Features of Emailed CIS eStatements.

  • The Email CIS eStatements (With free Mobile app access) is a FREE service for you and your Subcontractors.
  • Once you have confirmed that you wish to have the Email CIS eStatement (With Mobile) function, the eFileReady system will email the CIS eStatement to all your chosen subcontractors on your behalf each period after you have completed your CIS 300 return.
  • You can also Email the CIS eStatement individually to a selected Subcontractor or in batch.
  • Your Subcontractor's will be able to log on to view/print their own CIS eStatements 24 x 7.


  • At a construction site, Subcontractors can also instantly view an abbreviated version of their CIS eStatement on the mobile app.
  • Subcontractors who wish to use the CIS eStatement App will be notified of how to install the App.
  • Bonus Services:
    • There is an inbuilt Communicator function in the App which will allow you to talk to your Subcontractors, and vice versa, with ease.
    • The CIS eStatement Mobile App can be installed or opted-out from at any time.

2. Providing the Subcontractors' Email Addresses

To get the Mobile CIS eStatement to work, you need to provide us with all the Subcontractors' Email addresses.
There are 2 approaches by which you can provide us with your Subcontractors' Emails

2.1. Approach 1 - Traditional Download / Upload CSV template

  • Please download the template from the tasking zone menu
    Roadmap: Download Spreadsheet > Download CIS Subcontractor Email Spreadsheet
  • Populate the template with your CIS Subcontractor details with the Email and Upload it from the tasking zone menu
    Roadmap: Upload Data > Upload CIS Subcontractor Email

2.2. Approach 2 - Manually fill in the Email addresses and mobile numbers

  • Click on Other / Report / Contractors tasking zone and click on "Email CIS eStatement (With Mobile)", the last listed item.
  • Activate the Mobile / Email CIS eStatement service if not Activated
  • Click on View / Add / Edit Email to manually enter the Email address and mobile numbers against the pre-populated CIS Subcontractor details.

We strive to provide you with better services, so please do give us your feedback on this Mobile CIS eStatement and Communicator system.

Thank you for your attention,

Support Team

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