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Dear eFileReady Users


Please kindly be advised of the following:

1. MTD for VAT Pilot Scheme Enabled:
eFileReady is providing MTD VAT return services for both Test and Live returns. Please contact us if you wish to join the MTD VAT pilot scheme.

The process for sending MTD VAT returns is exactly the same as for sending other returns. For more details on how our MTD VAT works, please click here

2. DPS P6, P9 CSV Download changes:
HMRC are introducing new Tax Regime values in addition to the current Scottish Tax Regime (S). Consequently, from 5th November 2018, eFileReady's P6, P9 CSV file downloads will include the Tax Regime values as received from HMRC.

• Scottish – 'S'
• Welsh – 'C'
• Northern Ireland – 'N'
• England (RUK) – 'blank' or empty

Please kindly adjust your DPS CSV file imports accordingly. The current values 'Yes' or 'No', shown in P6 , P9 CSV for the Scottish Indicator column will no longer be valid. Instead, 'S' will appear for those employees under the Scottish Tax Regime

Thank you for your attention

Support Team

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